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Free of spam and unwanted calls with Dr.Web for Android

February 15, 2011

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web released the software product Dr.Web for Android enhanced with the anti-spam implemented to meet actual user demands. With Dr.Web for Android users get at their disposal a range of options for flexible filtering of calls and short messages, a handy desktop widget and other improvements that make the anti-virus even more user-friendly.

Please, note that Dr.Web for Android doesn't simply neutralize Trojans targeting Android devices specifically, it also blocks the wide channel for distributing malicious programs that exploit the autorun feature of Windows to be launched automatically from removable data-storage devices. The anti-virus will disarm a flash drive which was compromised in another system and then has been connected to the Dr.Web-protected Android device. Now the product's features list has been extended with the anti-spam.

Anti-spam filters incorporated in most competitive alternatives to Dr.Web for Android enable users to work with black and white lists. Such filters block contacts found in the black list and allow contacts on the white list. However, a research by Doctor Web showed that permanent blocking is not so highly demanded as a feature that would enable more flexible contacts management depending on the situation. And the feature has been made available with Dr.Web for Android that enables users to bar and allow inbound calls and short messages from a specified group of contacts in a particular time.

Unlike other solutions for the platform, Dr.Web for Android lets users read blocked messages or call back at a number from which the barred call has been made. Such calls or messages leave no trace in the system; all the information about blocked communications is stored in Dr.Web for Android's log file.

The handy desktop widget enables users to toggle instantly between the anti-virus's operation modes and access information about missed calls or short messages without launching Dr.Web for Android.

The program has been gaining user interest for two months following the beta release. The total downloads of Dr.Web for Android Light and the beta with the anti-spam exceeded 400 000. The final release has errors found in the anti-virus during beta-testing fixed.

Dr.Web for Android is included into the Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite along with Dr.Web for Windows Mobile and Dr.Web for Symbian OS. It was mentioned earlier that the title of the anti-virus for Android was changed for Dr.Web for Android Light. The program can be downloaded free of charge from Android Market or from Doctor Web's site. The new version licensed as Anti-virus + Anti-spam is available on a payment basis; however, all users who purchase Dr.Web for personal computers get the Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite license free of charge.

Download Dr.Web for Android from the Android Market:

  1. Use your device to go to the Android Market, find Dr.Web for Android on the applications list and click "Buy"
  2. Once you pay for the anti-virus, you will see information about permissions required for operation of the anti-virus. Select OK.
  3. The application will be installed automatically.

Install Dr.Web for Android without going to the Android Market:

  1. Connect the mobile device to the computer using a USB data-cable.
  2. Set the device to work as a storage device.
  3. Copy the drweb-600-android.apk onto the SD card.
  4. Disconnect the mobile device from the computer.
  5. Launch any file manager on the device (e.g. you can use ASTRO from the Android Market).
  6. Navigate to the /sdcard directory and find the drweb-600-android.apk file.
  7. Use the application manager to start installation.
  8. To continue using the application you need to register your license. If you don't have a valid key file, use a key file acquisition option to obtain one.

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