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31.10 Doctor Web’s overview of malware detected on mobile devices in October 2018

31.10 Doctor Web’s October 2018 virus activity review

23.10 Doctor Web registers over 51,000 installations of Downloader Trojan from Google Play

19.10 Doctor Web detects Downloader Trojan in VPN client for Android

18.10 Doctor Web Reports Online Scammer To Cause Over $24,000 in Damage, 10,000 Victims Affected

28.09 Doctor Web’s overview of malware detected on mobile devices in September 2018

28.09 Doctor Web’s September 2018 virus activity review

25.09 Banking Trojan threatens Brazilian credit institutions clients

31.08 Doctor Web’s overview of malware detected on mobile devices in August 2018

30.08 Doctor Web’s August 2018 virus activity review

30.08 Doctor Web detects 130 fraudulent applications on Google Play

07.08 Doctor Web discovered a clipper Trojan for Android

02.08 Virus writers spread miners for Linux and Windows

31.07 Doctor Web’s July 2018 virus activity review

31.07 Doctor Web’s overview of virus activity on mobile devices in July 2018

09.07 Doctor Web warns of a miner Trojan downloaded instead of a program update

31.05 May 2018 mobile malware review from Doctor Web

30.05 Cybercriminal earned millions targeting popular Steam gaming platform

14.05 Doctor Web conducted an investigation and identified the author of spying Trojans

26.04 Doctor Web: an Android Trojan on Google Play gains money for virus writers using an invisible advertisement

16.04 Doctor Web detected a Trojan that is incapable of decrypting files

16.04 Doctor Web: a Trojan on Google Play subscribes users to paid services

05.04 Doctor Web: more than 78,000,000 rubles of Sberbank’s clients are under threat

23.03 Doctor Web: new Trojan distributed via YouTube

20.03 Doctor Web: banking Trojan Android.BankBot.149.origin has become a rampant tool of cybercriminals

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