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13.11 Doctor Web detects malicious apps on Google Play with over 2 million downloads

26.10 BadRabbit fears Dr.Web-protected computers: Our research on the infamous Trojan

26.10 Dr.Web will tell whether Android devices have been exposed to the BlueBorne vulnerability in the Bluetooth protocol

16.10 Doctor Web examines backdoor written in Python

12.10 Amulet coins, beard serum, and other “miraculous” Internet goods

12.09 Cybercriminals using Internet of things to send spam messages

24.08 Dr.Web was the first to detect Trojan loader for smart Linux devices with MIPS/MIPSEL architectures

21.08 Krebs fan creates new Trojan

17.08 Doctor Web: About 9% of bank domains use incorrect DNS settings

02.08 Doctor Web warns of scam mailings on behalf of RU-CENTER

27.07 Dr.Web: Trojan preinstalled on Android devices infects applications’ processes and downloads malicious modules

24.07 Doctor Web: BackDoor.Dande, stealer of medication procurement information, spread via ePrica pharmaceutical software installer

19.07 Doctor Web: Dangerous Android banking Trojan gains control over mobile devices

13.07 Doctor Web: Russian Federation Government Services Portal ( compromised and could start infecting visitors and stealing information at any time

05.07 More than a million downloads: Doctor Web detects yet another Android Trojan on Google Play

04.07 Doctor Web: M.E.Doc backdoor lets cybercriminals access computers

29.06 Doctor Web: We’ve seen these methods of infection before

28.06 New global encoder attack described by Doctor Web

27.06 A new encryption ransomware attacking Russian and Ukrainian companies

23.06 Doctor Web: Personal data of more than 122,000 social network users at threat

20.06 Web-hosting service under high-profile attack—trouble in the cloud

19.06 Doctor Web: Android Trojan controlled via Telegram spies on Iranian users

15.06 Doctor Web warns of miner Trojan

05.06 Doctor Web examines two Linux Trojans

25.05 Doctor Web examines multi-component Trojan for Linux

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