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Real-time threat news


12.09 Cybercriminals using Internet of things to send spam messages

24.08 Dr.Web was the first to detect Trojan loader for smart Linux devices with MIPS/MIPSEL architectures

21.08 Krebs fan creates new Trojan

17.08 Doctor Web: About 9% of bank domains use incorrect DNS settings

02.08 Doctor Web warns of scam mailings on behalf of RU-CENTER

27.07 Dr.Web: Trojan preinstalled on Android devices infects applications’ processes and downloads malicious modules

24.07 Doctor Web: BackDoor.Dande, stealer of medication procurement information, spread via ePrica pharmaceutical software installer

19.07 Doctor Web: Dangerous Android banking Trojan gains control over mobile devices

13.07 Doctor Web: Russian Federation Government Services Portal ( compromised and could start infecting visitors and stealing information at any time

05.07 More than a million downloads: Doctor Web detects yet another Android Trojan on Google Play

04.07 Doctor Web: M.E.Doc backdoor lets cybercriminals access computers

29.06 Doctor Web: We’ve seen these methods of infection before

28.06 New global encoder attack described by Doctor Web

27.06 A new encryption ransomware attacking Russian and Ukrainian companies

23.06 Doctor Web: Personal data of more than 122,000 social network users at threat

20.06 Web-hosting service under high-profile attack—trouble in the cloud

19.06 Doctor Web: Android Trojan controlled via Telegram spies on Iranian users

15.06 Doctor Web warns of miner Trojan

05.06 Doctor Web examines two Linux Trojans

25.05 Doctor Web examines multi-component Trojan for Linux

17.05 Doctor Web publishes preliminary description of WannaCry Trojan

15.05 Doctor Web: Our users didn’t fall victim to the WannaCry encoder

12.05 Doctor Web specialists find new Mac backdoor

04.05 Doctor Web security researchers detected a new Trojan that was distributed on the “VK” social network as free license keys

20.04 Doctor Web examines new exploit for Microsoft Office

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