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Full support period extended for Dr.Web products

Doctor Web has extended full support for its latest Dr.Web product releases by one year—until June 30, 2024.
03.07.2023 | Dr.Web products

Enhance your UTM and NGFW solutions with the Dr.Web anti-virus engine

Today, UTM (Unified Threat Management) and NGFW (next-generation firewall) solutions strive to provide continuous comprehensive protection from network threats. Effective traffic scanning and filtering can be achieved by integrating an anti-virus engine into the security software, so that malicious files can be detected in the traffic controlled by your UTM or NGFW solution.
26.06.2023 | Dr.Web products

Check how well protected you are: Doctor Web launches its Dr.Web FixIt! cloud service

Doctor Web has released Dr.Web FixIt! — a new solution for ensuring the information security of PCs running Microsoft Windows.
19.06.2023 | Dr.Web products

Licenses sold by blocked

Anti-virus company Doctor Web has blocked all licenses for Dr.Web products that were purchased by online digital goods store at a reduced price, using an illegal scheme. Please note that is not an official partner of our company. To avoid becoming a victim of a fraudulent scheme, do not purchase Dr.Web products on this site.
12.05.2023 | Dr.Web products

Dr.Web mobile app now supports Android 13!

The long-awaited version 12.9.0, featuring full support of Android 13, is finally here. With the latest Dr.Web Security Space release, users can enjoy all the benefits of Android 13 without worrying about their devices’ security.
20.04.2023 | Dr.Web products

Dr.Web Security Space receives SKD AWARDS product excellence recognition

Dr.Web Security Space has earned an SKD AWARDS honour from the independent testing provider SKD Labs. The laboratory's test results are recognized by Microsoft. Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 for Windows won in the Personal Computer Security category. The award ceremony was held in Beijing on February 28, 2023.
06.03.2023 | Dr.Web products

New convenient feature on Doctor Web’s site

Information about the latest Dr.Web software updates is now readily accessible in the new changelog section on the company’s official website.
17.02.2023 | Dr.Web products

Test drive Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.1 beta!

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has rolled out Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.1 for public beta testing. The new version's key innovations include a simpler way to forward information about security events to SIEM solutions and optimised routines for collecting information about protected hosts.
28.11.2022 | Dr.Web products

Doctor Web invites users to beta test its Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.1 for Linux with new extra features

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is always hard at work improving its applications to meet current market demand. Every user can make their contribution to the development of anti-virus technologies by testing new versions of Dr.Web products.
08.08.2022 | Dr.Web products

Doctor Web discontinues support for Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry

In accordance with the product lifecycle policy it adopted, Doctor Web discontinued support for Dr.Web Security Space for BlackBerry effective March 30, 2022. Owing to the fact that no new BlackBerry devices have been released since 2020, it was concluded that the application had lost its relevance, and its support was ended ahead of schedule.
31.03.2022 | Dr.Web products

Doctor Web unveils Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite takes corporate anti-virus protection to an entirely new level. Version 13 of the anti-virus software suite, which can be used to centrally manage the end-point security of all the nodes and devices in a corporate network, embodies all the best features of the previous generations, organically combining them with cutting-edge innovations that further simplify the suite’s deployment and administration.
23.09.2021 | Dr.Web products

Maximum efficiency and flexible management: Doctor Web proudly presents Dr.Web AV-Desk 13

New anti-virus server features make it even more versatile and reliable and easier to administer.
14.09.2021 | Dr.Web products

Safer social media activities with DrWebBot for VK

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to present DrWebBot for VK 1.0—an innovative tool for safer interaction in the social media network VKontakte. Similarly to Dr.Web for Telegram, this bot scans links and files in social media posts, comments and messages.
03.08.2021 | Dr.Web products

Long-awaited support for macOS Big Sur in Dr.Web 12.5 beta version for macOS

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web invites all users to participate in the public beta-testing of Dr.Web 12.5 for macOS. The application's modules have been redesigned to ensure Dr.Web's compatibility with macOS Big Sur.
16.03.2021 | Dr.Web products

Join forces with Doctor Web to beta test new version of Dr.Web for business

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is starting beta testing for version 13 of its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite—a corporate-grade anti-virus solution providing all-round end-point security and remote administration in networks of all sizes. In response to customer requests, version 13 incorporates features that allow for even better integration with process control systems, including critical infrastructures, which require a somewhat special approach to anti-virus security.
19.02.2021 | Dr.Web products

Support for macOS Big Sur — coming soon in Dr.Web products

Doctor Web is informing users that support for the recently released macOS Big Sur will soon be implemented in Dr.Web for macOS solutions. Recall that Dr.Web for macOS is available as a separate product and is also included in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and Dr.Web Anti-virus subscriptions.
03.12.2020 | Dr.Web products

Legendary Dr.Web Anti-virus gives way to Dr.Web Security Space

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web reports that its Windows product line for home use will be reduced effective October 1. The Dr.Web Anti-virus product, which only provides basic security, will become history. This title will be superseded by Dr.Web Security Space, and all Dr.Web Anti-virus users will have their installations upgraded to Dr.Web Security Space free of charge. Years ago, Dr.Web was one of the first anti-virus applications in the world now one era is ending, while another one begins.
29.09.2020 | Dr.Web products

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products are compatible with MaxPatrol SIEM

Companies that use Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite and identify information security incidents with MaxPatrol SIEM are now able to use current Dr.Web solutions as data sources for security monitoring.
05.08.2020 | Dr.Web products

Dr.Web 12.0.0 for macOS released

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has unveiled Dr.Web 12.0.0 for macOS. The latest version introduces a number of new features and upgrades, which include a redesigned UI and the firewall component.
17.07.2020 | Dr.Web products

Thorough protection for a powerful platform: Dr.Web protects Huawei's TaiShan ARM64 servers

Doctor Web, the Russian developer of anti-virus software products under the brand name Dr.Web, and Huawei, one of the world's leading suppliers of smart devices and IT infrastructure solutions, are pleased to unveil a Dr.Web product line that protects ARM64 devices and servers from malware.
29.06.2020 | Dr.Web products

Simple mail secrets from Doctor Web to keep you safe at work and at home

Due to the large number of requests being received by Doctor Web's technical support service that are related to hackers’ email-penetration activities, we’ve decided to recall the rules that help users avoid such incidents. And also to remind users about the features of Dr.Web products that protect mail servers.
26.06.2020 | Dr.Web products

The advantages of Dr.Web Anti-virus service subscriptions

In this article, Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web highlights the advantages of Dr.Web anti-virus service subscriptions over conventional electronic licenses and licenses on tangible media. Meanwhile, the level of security and technical support remains consistently high.
24.06.2020 | Dr.Web products

Accomplish more with Dr.Web

Perhaps you are now working from home, have just purchased a new PC or a smart phone, or want to protect your loved ones’ devices? With Dr.Web you can expand your license for free or at 40% off.
23.06.2020 | Dr.Web products

An investigation by Doctor Web reveals that even "smart" equipment requires malware protection

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web reminds users that their equipment can be infected even during manufacturing. A recent investigation into a malware-related incidents provides an illustrative example. An entire collection of malicious programs was discovered on a recently purchased laser-cutting machine. The nefarious tasks attackers could accomplish with these programs ranged from hiding files on removable media to spreading a worm across networks. Strangely enough, the machine's manufacturer advised the client to disable the anti-virus and denied any possibility of an infection existing in the system.
11.06.2020 | Dr.Web products

Changes coming to Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite licensing terms

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has announced that it is making changes to its licensing terms that will affect its corporate anti-virus products for PCs. The new terms come into effect on February 1, 2020. Beginning from that date, Dr.Web for Windows, Dr.Web for macOS, and Dr.Web for Linux (part of Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite) will only be available under the Comprehensive Protection license.
15.01.2020 | Dr.Web products