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Doctor Web’s review of virus activity on mobile devices in 2022

In 2022, cybercriminals were again mostly focused on making illegal profits. The online advertisement market remains the easiest and most efficient method for generating income. Consequently, as before, Android device users often encountered the types of malicious and unwanted apps that display unwelcome and intrusive ads. At the same time, Doctor Web observed high scammer activity and the resultant spread of all kinds of fraudulent applications.
16.03.2023 | Updates | About viruses | Mobile threats | Virus reviews

Easier way to activate licenses in Dr.Web products for Windows

Updated Dr.Web applications for Windows now use a streamlined license activation procedure and include a variety of other tweaks and upgrades.d Starting to use Dr.Web has become even easier—thanks to a unified license activation method that relies on a single user account. The new registration routine saves time and helps avoid inconsistency and ambiguity associated with license activation and use.
14.03.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Doctor Web to join ICT Maghreb in Algeria

As part of its plan to expand its presence on the African market, Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web will be participating in the telecom technology exhibition ICT Maghreb, which is being held on March 14-16 in Algeria’s Moufdi Zakaria Palace of Culture.
10.03.2023 | Dr.Web products | Corporate news

Dr.Web Security Space receives SKD AWARDS product excellence recognition

Dr.Web Security Space has earned an SKD AWARDS honour from the independent testing provider SKD Labs. The laboratory's test results are recognized by Microsoft. Dr.Web Security Space 12.0 for Windows won in the Personal Computer Security category. The award ceremony was held in Beijing on February 28, 2023.
06.03.2023 | Dr.Web products | Corporate news

Doctor Web’s January 2023 review of virus activity on mobile devices

According to detection statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android, users started encountering adware trojans more often in January. The most widespread among them were once again members of the Android.HiddenAds trojan family, which were detected 18.04% more often than in December.
02.03.2023 | Updates | About viruses | Mobile threats | Virus reviews

Doctor Web’s January 2023 virus activity review

An analysis of Dr.Web January 2023 statistics revealed a 4.47% decrease in the total number of detected threats, compared to December of last year. In contrast, during the same period, the number of unique threats increased by 4.26%. Various adware remained the most active. In email traffic, malicious scripts and software that exploit diverse vulnerabilities were detected most often.
02.03.2023 | About viruses | Virus reviews

New convenient feature on Doctor Web’s site

Information about the latest Dr.Web software updates is now readily accessible in the new changelog section on the company’s official website.
17.02.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates | Corporate news

Updates available for Dr.Web applications for Windows

The components of a number of corporate and home Dr.Web products for Windows have been updated. Not visible to the naked eye, the changes introduced make the anti-virus software even more stable and reliable.
07.02.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

What's new in Dr.Web CureIt!: threat detection and neutralization upgrades

The latest Dr.Web CureIt! update addresses issues affecting the utility's ability to detect threats that may grant attackers unauthorized system access.
06.02.2023 | Updates

A convenient option for expanding license coverage in Dr.Web products for home use

Doctor Web is offering its customers the opportunity to expand the coverage of their existing Dr.Web licenses — this can be done on the special website page here.
01.02.2023 | Dr.Web products

Doctor Web’s December 2022 review of virus activity on mobile devices

According to detection statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android, the activity of adware trojans and spyware increased in December. At the same time, many new threats were discovered on Google Play over the course of last month. Among them were dozens of fake apps and trojans that subscribe victims to paid services.
27.01.2023 | Updates | About viruses | Mobile threats | Virus reviews

Doctor Web’s December 2022 virus activity review

An analysis of Dr.Web December statistics revealed a 14.02% increase in the total number of detected threats, compared to November. The number of unique threats also increased—by 2.2%. Adware trojans remain the most active threats. Malicious scripts, software that exploit various vulnerabilities, and adware were most often detected in email traffic.
27.01.2023 | About viruses | Virus reviews

New upgrades for Dr.Web CureIt!

Doctor Web continues to perfect Dr.Web CureIt! by releasing yet another update for this popular anti-virus utility.
25.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Dr.Web 13.0 for Windows PCs can now update its virus databases via Control Center version 12

Dr.Web 12.0 for Windows PCs (with centralized administration supported) has been updated to address an identified software issue.
25.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Get 25% off the Dr.Web KATANA protection system

Only till February 5, Doctor Web is offering 25% off a 2-year license to protect 2 objects with its non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web KATANA
24.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Promos

What's new in Dr.Web for Linux and Dr.Web for Unix mail servers

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has addressed a potential performance issue that might affect Dr.Web software email processing for Linux PCs and mail servers (Unix-like systems).
23.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Hotfix available for Dr.Web applications under Windows

23.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Dr.Web 12.9.0 for Android reaches public beta: what's new?

The updated Dr.Web for Android is already awaiting its beta-testers — version 12.9.0 is ready for trial. Our application now supports the latest operating system release — Android 13 ‘Tiramisu’. But the news doesn’t end there!
20.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Anti-virus engine updated in Dr.Web applications

Newly introduced Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine upgrades increase scanning speed and help avoid possible system freezes.
11.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

What's new in Dr.Web for Windows: enhanced protection against encryption ransomware

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Anti-virus 12.0 and 13.0 for PCs (Windows) and the subscription-based Dr.Web Anti-virus 13.0 for PCs (Windows). The update delivers upgrades for existing threat detection and neutralisation routines and introduces new ones. It also boosts the applications’ performance and reduces their memory footprint.
10.01.2023 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Linux backdoor malware infects WordPress-based websites

Doctor Web has discovered a malicious Linux program that hacks websites based on a WordPress CMS. It exploits 30 vulnerabilities in a number of plugins and themes for this platform. If sites use outdated versions of such add-ons, lacking crucial fixes, the targeted webpages are injected with malicious JavaScripts. As a result, when users click on any area of an attacked page, they are redirected to other sites.
30.12.2022 | Dr.Web products | About viruses | Real-time threat news

Doctor Web’s November 2022 virus activity review

An analysis of Dr.Web Anti-Virus November statistics revealed an 8.58% decrease in the total number of threats detected, compared to October. At the same time, the number of unique threats increased by 3.27%. Adware was again the most common threat. In email traffic, malicious scripts, trojan downloaders, adware, and threats that exploit various vulnerabilities dominated.
23.12.2022 | About viruses | Virus reviews

Doctor Web’s November 2022 review of virus activity on mobile devices

According to detection statistics collected by Dr.Web anti-virus products for Android, trojan and unwanted apps that display ads were slightly less active in November. However, they remain among the most common Android threats. At the same time, an increase in the activity of programs that can be used for cyber espionage was observed.
23.12.2022 | Updates | About viruses | Mobile threats | Virus reviews

Roaming profiles problem solved in Dr.Web applications for Windows

An agent issue preventing the roaming profile folder from being removed while a log file was present in the directory has been resolved. Roaming profiles offer employees an easy way to access their data on any Windows computer within their corporate infrastructure, without having to be tied” to a specific workplace.
16.12.2022 | Dr.Web products | Updates

Latest update fixes errors in Dr.Web 11.1 products for Unix-like systems

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.1 for Linux, Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.1 for Unix Mail Servers, and Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.1 for Internet gateways Unix to resolve identified software issues.
16.12.2022 | Dr.Web products | Updates

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