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Dr.Web Enterprise Security updated

September 22, 2014

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the server software incorporated into Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0 to deliver fixes of the following known defects:

An issue involving the delegation of permissions to access the hidden shared directory containing the agent installer and public encryption key.

  • A configuration file conversion issue which occurred whenever the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite server version 6 was being updated.
  • An agent connection issue that arose if the option “Replace IP-addresses” was enabled on the server.
  • Server multi-cast initialisation defects that could prevent agents from connecting to the server.
  • An issue causing the incorrect group to be displayed in the Dr.Web Mobile Control Center.
  • A defect occurring whenever the list of languages available in the agent for Windows was changed in the general repository configuration.

The update also provides error-free interaction between the Dr.Web server and proxy server via HTTPS.

In addition, issues preventing users from accessing documentation via the Dr.Web Control Center and a number of minor defects have been resolved.

The update can be downloaded using the Dr.Web Control Center. Also, the updated Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite server is available on downloaded from Doctor Web's site.

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