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Dr.Web Light 9.0.0 for Mac OS X released

July 10, 2014

Doctor Web has released the ninth version of Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X, designed to scan your Mac and cure infections, if present. The anti-virus supports Mac OS X 10.6.6 and higher. The new version incorporates a far wider array of features to improve its usability and protect your Mac even better. Please note that from now on Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X is a paid application available only in the Mac App Store.

With background scanning of the Downloads directory, your Mac will always be protected from threats that can get in with downloaded files, and you'll never need to scan this folder manually.

In addition to audible anti-virus notifications, the ninth version provides onscreen alerts. Select your preferred notification system: the Mac OS X notification service or the Dr.Web service.

When the anti-virus is set to neutralize threats automatically, scanning results are written into the log which is very convenient for background scanning of the Downloads folder and in cases when actions are applied to threats automatically.

Version 9.0.0 also boasts greater stability and lower usage of system resources while scanning.

Changes have also been made to the product interface. In particular, the Threat and Quarantine windows now display detailed information about detected malicious objects, and all the basic features of Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X are available in the desk main window.

The list of supported languages has been expanded by Italian, Kazakh, Chinese simplified, Polish, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Known issues have been resolved.

To update Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X to version 9.0.0., go to the Mac App Store and click Update next to the product name in the Update section. Users can update their Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X free of charge.

Please, note that Dr.Web Light for Mac OS X has a limited set of features. To maintain all-round protection of your Mac, use Dr.Web for Mac OS X.

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