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Doctor Web releases Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows Servers

May 14, 2009

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web releases version 5.0 of its product for protection of file servers under Windows 2000/2003/2008. The new anti-virus for file servers provides customers with all benefits of the improved anti-virus engine including faster scanning speed and better system load distribution.

Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Server is easy to install and maintain. It controls all file operations on a file server making sure no malicious objects will get onto workstations from the server. The anti-virus is administered using the single agent as well as other Dr.Web products of the 5 series. Its database with thousands of virus definitions updated over the Internet and the anti-virus engine featuring improved heuristic analyzer build an impenetrable barrier in the way of malicious programs attempting to compromise a corporate file server.

Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows Servers incorporates several components including the Dr.Web scanner, SpIDer Guard resident monitor, console scanner and automatic updating utility.

The unique features of the updated anti-virus engine included in Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows Servers allow it to detect various types of virus threats luring in the World Wide Web. The anti-virus can scan archived files on any nesting level and will find a virus even if it has been compressed using several archivers. Malicious programs disguised using unknown packers will be detected and disarmed with the help of the unique FLY-CODE technology specifically designed for the updated anti-virus engine.

In order to perform an in-depth scan and detect and neutralize rootkits the anti-virus scanner of Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows Servers is granted a privileged access to files, Windows Registry and other critical system components. The improved heuristic analyzer and the Origins Tracing technology make sure that the anti-virus is also capable of detecting unknown malicious programs. Dr.Web SelfPROtect makes the anti-virus immune to any attempts of malicious programs to disrupt its operation.

The delayed scan of files that have been opened only for reading has already been implemented in earlier versions of the anti-virus. It allows Dr.Web anti-virus 5.0 for Windows Servers to register all file requests on the server and scan read files when the overall system load is low.

Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Servers is licensed per number of protected servers. The product is also available in Dr.Web SOHO and Dr.Web Universal bundles. Purchase Dr.Web for Windows Server together with a solution for protection of Windows workstations — Dr.Web Enterprise Suite — and get an anti-virus for protection of a file server at a price of an anti-virus protecting a workstation.

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