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Single-User Dr.Web 7.0 Products for Windows Updated

February 13, 2012

Doctor Web has updated the firewall and language modules incorporated into single-user Dr.Web 7.0 products for Windows, Dr.Web Anti-virus and Dr.Web Security Space.

Modifications included changes to the firewall working algorithm in full-screen mode which affected both games and screensavers. Also fixed was a bug that prevented the firewall from generating an action request in relation to a modified server application for which a rule had previously been created. As a result, the firewall had been automatically blocking it. The update also fixed problems that were causing rules that had been created manually for applications on network drives to be processed incorrectly. In addition, a bug that automatically created two overlapping rules for one application (the path to the application was specified in normal and abbreviated forms) was eliminated. Slight cosmetic changes have been made to the user interface.

Furthermore, language modules were updated, and help in Ukrainian was added.

The update will automatically be downloaded by the anti-viruses, but applying the update will require a system reboot.

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