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Dr.Web for Android Updated

January 16, 2012

Doctor Web has updated its software product Dr.Web for Android Anti-virus&Anti-spam.

Bugs that caused the #WIPE# command included in the anti-theft component to operate incorrectly have been fixed. (The #WIPE# command is used to restore factory settings and delete all SD card data.). This issue concerned devices running Android versions 2.2 and 2.3. Also fixed was a bug that caused multiple SMS reports to be sent upon entering #SIGNAL# (the action that remotely locks a phone with the Anti-theft feature and activates a special audio signal). In addition, users who have forgotten their Anti-theft passwords can now unlock their mobile devices using Device ID; this feature applies to devices with no IMEI codes.

Among other issues eliminated were the causes of the program crashes that sometimes occurred during blacklist editing.

In the version of Dr.Web for Android that is installed from the Doctor Web site, the Mode display in the anti-virus settings was fixed.

Also, several improvements were made to the updated program interface.

The update concernes users who have installed the anti-virus from the Doctor Web site and all alternative resources with the exception of Android Market. For users of Google Online Store, this update took place in December 2011.

In order to carry out an update via the Doctor Web site, download a new distribution file.

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