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Dr.Web AV-Desk 6.0 Components Upgraded

December 14, 2011

Doctor Web has announced an upgrade to some Dr.Web AV-Desk 6.0 Internet service components. Improvements and changes have been made to the GUI-based scanner, Scanning Engine service, Dr.Web SelfPROtect module, Dr.Web SpIDer Guard file monitor (version G3 and NT), and Dr.Web SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor.

As a result, the scanner is more efficient: among other improvements, the component now has an upgraded subsystem for curing active threats and algorithms to neutralize the latest threats. Bugs that caused the scanner to crash when collecting start-up objects have been fixed; the performance of the Dr.Web Shield anti-rootkit module (included in the scanner) has also been improved.

The upgrade of Dr.Web SpIDer Guard file monitor (G3 and NT) and Dr.Web SelfPROtect module is designed to ensure their compatibility with new versions of other Dr.Web components. The self-protection module’s operation while curing active infections has also been improved.

With the updated Dr.Web SpIDer Gate, web pages can be opened dramatically faster.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the anti-viruses, but applying the update will require will require the system to reboot itself twice.

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