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Dr.Web FixIt! updated to version 2.3

February 28, 2024

Dr.Web FixIt! constantly evolves—just like any other Doctor Web product. We keep an eye on current user demands and strive to design solutions that will be both effective and easy to use.

The major improvements in Dr.Web FixIt! 2.3 include:

  • The maximum size for downloadable reports has been increased to 12 GB;
  • A file information display error has been fixed;
  • The “Data” tab has been added to the Processes section;
  • In the “New filter” tab, users are now able to quickly send queries by pressing Enter;
  • A number of minor UI tweaks have also been introduced.

Dr.Web FixIt! examines and diagnoses information security incidents remotely and eliminates their consequences. Unlike conventional solutions that rely on virus databases and detect already known malicious programs (or programs similar to them), Dr.Web FixIt! identifies brand-new malware as well as programs that are used in targeted attacks and cannot be detected by any other security tools.

You can request demo access to Dr.Web FixIt! by following this link.

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