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Test drive Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.1 beta!

November 28, 2022

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has rolled out Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.1 for public beta testing. The new version's key innovations include a simpler way to forward information about security events to SIEM solutions and optimised routines for collecting information about protected hosts.

Doctor Web is continuously upgrading its flagship anti-virus suite to simplify its administration, offer system administrators additional control and response options, and enhance the security of protected hosts.

So, what new Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite features are available to beta testers?

  • Support for RFC 5424, allowing information to be sent to a SIEM in the Syslog and CEF formats to ensure a rapid response to potential security incidents.
  • Dr.Web Agent log retrieval, which enables administrators to quickly gather diagnostics information and decide on a further course of action.
  • Similarly to standalone Dr.Web applications for desktops and laptops, preventive protection from exploits, encryption ransomware and behaviour analysis are now facilitated by three distinct components.

Other upgrades and improvements:

  • The application now checks whether its stored distribution files are up to date.
  • The server web interface now boasts improved performance in situations when the anti-virus network view includes a large number of groups.
  • The option now exists to use a custom, administrator-specified certificate for signing individual anti-virus packages for Windows.
  • Administrators can now also select a different time zone.
  • The ability to select an object/process for a new profile rule has been added;
  • The option now exists to restore Dr.Web Server from a relevant revision.
  • Adjustments have been made to the routines searching for hosts in the anti-virus network.
  • Proxy server logging verbosity can now be adjusted from the Control Center.
  • User routine backups have been added.
  • Command execution queries over API are now processed more quickly.
  • A customizable “favourites list” now exists.
  • Server-to-server connection settings have been changed.
  • Custom profiles can now be used to filter Application Control event information.

Adjustments have also been made to the SpIDer Agent for Windows, Dr.Web Control Service and Dr.Web ES Service modules to ensure that they work properly with Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0.1. Camera and microphone access settings for protected hosts can now be changed remotely from a single location.

Note that Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite versions 6 and 10 cannot be upgraded to version 13.0.1.

Beta testers should also note that once the repository configuration is complete and the software documentation in PDF format has been downloaded via the Global Updating System, Dr.Web Server will have to be restarted in order for the documentation to become available in the Control Center (Help → Support).

IMPORTANT! Once the server package has been installed, you will also need to change the base URI's ending in the general repository configuration section from "/update" to "/update/beta".

Doctor Web is inviting users to participate in the beta testing and try out Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite’s new features; we will appreciate your feedback, comments and suggestions!

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