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Anti-virus engine updated in Dr.Web solutions for servers

October 15, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine (7.00.2110011332) in its products supporting the MIPS and Elbrus architectures. The updated solutions include Dr.Web 11.1 products for Unix-like systems, Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0 (MIPS only), 12.0, and 13.0, as well as Dr.Web AV-Desk 13.0's subscription-based Dr.Web anti-virus software.

Adjustments have been made to the anti-virus engine to prevent the applications from terminating abnormally while files using certain archive formats are being scanned. The update also introduces other minor tweaks and upgrades for Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine.

Serving as the core of anti-virus system-protection, Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine facilitates the detection and neutralisation of malware and works as an analyser of suspicious behaviour.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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