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Server and agent software updated in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0

July 17, 2018

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the server software in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 11.0 (REL-1100-201807040) and the following agent components and modules: Dr.Web Device Guard for Windows (, Dr.Web Protection for Windows (, Dr.Web Firewall for Windows (, Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver (, Dr.Web Net filtering Service (, SpIDer Agent for Windows (, Dr.Web Control Service (, Dr.Web ES Service (, the Dr.Web Sysinfo ( module, the Dr.Web Shell Extension ( module, the Dr.Web Updater ( module, Lua-script for updater (, and UI texts. The update delivers new features for Dr.Web Office Control and other upgrades as well as fixes for known issues.

Changes made to the server software in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite:

  • A new Office Control category for Windows hosts to block access to sites engaged in crypto mining.
  • The “Dr.Web Control Center Help” section has been updated;
  • A configuration issue that in some cases could prevent Dr.Web from using a proxy server has been resolved;
  • An issue preventing Dr.Web Server from being launched automatically after a system restart under certain Windows versions has been eliminated;
  • An issue preventing the Dr.Web repository loader from being launched under Linux has been resolved.

Changes to the agent software

  • ssChanges made to Dr.Web Device Guard for Windows:

    • A problem that could cause a system crash (BSOD) has been resolved.
  • Changes made to Dr.Web Protection for Windows:

    • Performance-boosting enhancements.
  • Changes made to Dr.Web Firewall for Windows and Dr.Web Firewall for Windows driver:

    • The Firewall's rule automation routines for known applications have been readjusted.
  • Dr.Web Net filtering Service:

    • An issue that increased the CPU load while Zona was being used to watch video streams has been resolved;
    • The Office Control now has a “crypto mining” category so that access can be blocked to certain sites.
  • Changes made to SpIDer Agent for Windows:

    • The new Office Control category “Cryptocurrency mining pools” can be used to block access to unwanted sites;
    • Users are notified that unused rules should be deleted when a large number of rules are being stored in the Firewall's settings.
    • The option to create Firewall rules automatically is now called "Allow connections for trusted applications".
  • Changes made to Dr.Web Control Service:

    • The new Office Control category “Cryptocurrency mining pools” has been introduced.
  • Changes made to Dr.Web ES Service:

    • Data related to the “Cryptocurrency mining pools” option can now be transmitted between the agent and the server;
    • An issue involving duplicate device entries on the server and case-sensitive device IDs has been eliminated.
  • Changes made to Dr.Web Shell Extension:

    • A new menu item has been added to the context menu.

The server software can only be updated via the Dr.Web Global Updating System.

The agent software update will be applied automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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