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Configure Dr.Web Anti-theft for Android

September 24, 2018

We invite all Dr.Web community members and Android device owners to take part in another Doctor Web project designed to help users configure their Dr.Web software properly: Configure Dr.Web Anti-theft for Android. Complete our survey to learn how you can configure Dr.Web to protect your smart phone from theft and data leaks, and earn some Dr.Webling award points for doing so.

The holiday season isn’t over yet. While on vacation, people relax and don't watch over their belongings as carefully as they usually do. So configuring Dr.Web Anti-theft properly can be of vital importance. Dr.Web Anti-theft will work while you‘re relaxing—it can help you find your lost device or delete all the data from your Android phone if it’s unrecoverable.

Configure Dr.Web Anti-theft for Android: complete our survey and earn 100 Dr.Webling award points.

We invite all Dr.Web community members and Android device owners to take part in our survey about configuring the Anti-theft. You will be awarded 100 Dr.Webling points as our way of thanking you for your time. Exchange the award points for gift certificates that let you purchase Dr.Web anti-viruses at a discount. If you haven't used the Anti-theft feature before, we hope that our project will help you set it up properly and keep your data well protected.

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Your Android needs protection!
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  • First Russian anti-virus for Android
  • Over 135 million downloads—just from Google Play!
  • Available free of charge for users who purchase Dr.Web home products

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