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Dr.Web for Android Light updated

February 2, 2011

Doctor Web released an update for the free version of Dr.Web for Android whose title has been changed for Dr.Web for Android Light once the beta-version of the commercial anti-virus for Android featuring the anti-spam was released. Improvements make the product more user-friendly and allow users to save on anti-virus's updating traffic.

The option to update only over a Wi-Fi connection has been implemented in the product. This feature enables users to avoid slow and high-cost GPRS or 3G downloads when no Wi-Fi connection is available but postpone updating until an Internet connection over Wi-Fi can be established. If a device is unable to connect to the Internet, a corresponding notification is displayed to the user.

Also, a Dr.Web icon is now displayed on the taskbar if the file monitor or scanner is running.

Besides, anti-virus GUI rendering on tablet PCs running Android has been improved.

An issue that resulted in incorrect operation of the scanner running in the background has been resolved.

Dr.Web for Android Light will be updated automatically. However, if automatic updating is disabled, go to the Android Market, select Dr.Web for Android Light from the list of applications and click on the Update button.

In order to update via Doctor Web’s site you need to download a new distribution file.

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