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Join forces with Doctor Web to beta test new version of Dr.Web for business

February 19, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is starting beta testing for version 13 of its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite—a corporate-grade anti-virus solution providing all-round end-point security and remote administration in networks of all sizes. In response to customer requests, version 13 incorporates features that allow for even better integration with process control systems, including critical infrastructures, which require a somewhat special approach to anti-virus security.

That being said, Doctor Web still strives to make its solutions as user-friendly as possible. With that in mind, public beta testing is now underway. Join the ranks of beta testers and grab this unique opportunity to interact directly with Dr.Web developers. See for yourself how the anti-virus is made and make a sizable contribution towards the creation of this flagship anti-virus solution for business.

As customers eagerly await the upcoming release of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0, Doctor Web welcomes inquisitive beta testers and is already preparing gifts for the biggest contributors.

Let's take a quick look at how Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0 improves on its predecessors.

In response to customer requests, version 13 incorporates features that allow for even better integration with process control systems, including critical infrastructures:

  • The ability to allocate precisely the CPU and memory usage for the anti-virus scanner;
  • The option to lower the priority for tasks related to collecting additional information on protected hosts;
  • The ability to lower the bandwidth for connections between a proxy server and the centralised administration server.

All these features are particularly important for systems involved in various technological processes for which it is critical that a fast response time be maintained and CPU usage and the anti-virus’s memory footprint be kept to a minimum.

Easy to use. Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is packed with cutting-edge technologies, and all these state-of-the art features are actually easy to control—thanks to the Control Center. Your vast network may connect computers in multiple branch offices (as is the case with Russia’s country-wide election infrastructure, which Dr.Web has been protecting for years). Version 13 also incorporates innovations that will benefit system administrators. Thanks to the new layout in the Control Center's anti-virus network view, managing a large number of objects has gotten easier.

Available across multiple platforms. Compatibility with various versions of Windows and Linux, as well as with macOS, is another major advantage of Dr.Web. A protected infrastructure may connect all sorts of computers running different operating systems. And, whereas previously Dr.Web was only easy and quick to deploy under Windows, version 13 boasts easy deployment options for Linux as well. Installing and managing the anti-virus software on protected hosts is now much easier. Dr.Web Agent can be installed on Linux machines via the Control Center or using a special utility.

Flexible settings. With the Dr.Web Control Center, protected hosts can be organised in groups matching the actual structure of your company. And then the anti-virus software can be fine-tuned for each of these groups. The system administrator can also take advantage of Office Control and determine which sites and network resources should be available to the employees in each specific group. In version 13, Office Control lets you manage settings for each user group and control which removable media are accessible on user computers. You can also take advantage of an extended list of unwanted site categories to prevent employees from visiting certain sites.

All in all, the new Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite version is packed with new features, tweaks, and upgrades. You can find more information about version 13 here: And all these innovations are highly anticipated by users and make this solution even more appealing to prospective customers. With this in mind, Doctor Web is committed to ensuring that before the official release date, all the features work exactly as expected, the user experience is completely trouble-free, and any shortcomings are discovered and corrected. Therefore, we invite all users to test this innovative solution, and we look forward to hearing what you like and don't like about the new version and what you think Doctor Web can do to make it even better. And, as is customary, the most active contributors are in for a reward. This time around the five most active beta testers will receive Dr.Web-branded hoodies!

To beta test Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0, follow this link: Please note that registration is required to access the beta section of our website.

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