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New in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0 beta

February 19, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched public beta testing for its Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0. All the changes incorporated into the new version are listed below.

What's new in Version 13:

  • Installation packages for corporate Dr.Web products are now available both in the new Control Center section (Administration → Corporate Products) and on the installation page.
  • The remote installation utilities for Dr.Web Agent for Windows and Dr.Web Agent for Unix are accessible in the Control Center (Administration → Utilities);
  • Dr.Web Agent for Unix can now be installed remotely. The anti-virus software can be installed via the Control Center (Administration → Network Installation) as well as by using the installation utilities;
  • Office Control upgrades. New: The option to manage settings for individual user groups; new filtering categories; flexible settings for blocking removable media;
  • The Control Center's support section (Help → Support) has been revamped. Changes have been made to the section's layout, and product documentation is now available in HTML and PDF formats. Documentation in PDF format will become accessible after the basic repository configuration is complete;
  • The new repository section "Documentation" contains the complete set of Dr.Web software guides;
  • The Control Center's anti-virus network view has been redesigned. The new view can encompass a greater number of objects while retaining the benefits of easy sorting and navigation;
  • The Web API that facilitates interaction with Dr.Web Server has been updated to version 4.3.0. The Web API can now be used to create administrator groups;
  • The Dr.Web Agent for Android software can now be updated automatically once a device has been connected to Dr.Web Server and information on the availability of a new version has been received;
  • Dr.Web Agent for Windows’ settings now contain an option enabling screen readers to narrate the agent UI on protected hosts;
  • Component settings in Dr.Web Agent for UNIX now include an option to collect information about the hardware and software installed on protected hosts;
  • Dr.Web Proxy settings let administrators schedule when lower bandwidth will be used for interaction with Dr.Web Server and the agents;
  • Likewise, a bandwidth limit can be set for server connections on the Dr.Web Agent for Windows end;
  • New group settings for trusted applications now contain an option to lower the task priority for collecting system information and thus lower ф protected host's CPU and memory usage;
  • The Control Center features a new statistics section containing information about the logical drives and free disk space on protected computers. This statistical data will be collected after the corresponding option has been enabled in the Dr.Web Server settings;
  • The ability has been added to adjust automatic system restart settings for situations when Dr.Web Agent for Windows has been removed remotely from a host via the Control Center;
  • A Control Center option has been added to allow the number and percentage of CPU cores to be utilised for scanning Windows PCs to be specified;
  • The option has been added to import and export the XML-file containing host admittance rules for joining custom groups;
  • Now the Control Center allows a group Dr.Web Agent installer for Android to be generated;
  • A lost administrator password can now be recovered via the Control Center;
  • Custom HTTP headers can be specified in the Control Center's web-server configuration section;
  • Repository product configuration files can be imported and exported via the Control Center.


  • When Dr.Web Server is upgraded from version 12 or other earlier versions, the previously defined Control Center settings (and the respective configuration files) will persist and will not be reset to default, which is what happened when previous server versions were upgraded: Administration → Dr.Web Server configuration → Network → Download (download.conf), Dr.Web Server remote access (frontdoor.conf) and Web server configuration;
  • By default, the SpIDer Guard component on protected PCs is set to notify the administrator whenever a joke program or hacking tools are detected;
  • By default, a cryptographic salt is used to encrypt the administrator password. The random salt value can be viewed or changed in Dr.Web Server's configuration file.

Known issues and limitations:

  • Once the repository configuration is complete and the software documentation in PDF format has been downloaded via the Global Updating System, Dr.Web Server will have to be restarted in order for the documentation to become available in the Control Center (Help → Support).

The documentation for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0 is not yet available. For the purposes of this beta testing, please refer to the existing version 12 guides.

Doctor Web welcomes all users to take part in the beta testing for Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 13.0. Please note that registration is required to access the beta section of our website.

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