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Changes coming to Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite licensing terms

January 15, 2020

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has announced that it is making changes to its licensing terms that will affect its corporate anti-virus products for PCs. The new terms come into effect on February 1, 2020. Beginning from that date, Dr.Web for Windows, Dr.Web for macOS, and Dr.Web for Linux (part of Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite) will only be available under the Comprehensive Protection license.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite for PCs is only available under the Comprehensive Protection license.

But some companies still prefer the Anti-virus license, which can't provide all-round security for PCs in today's world. By opting for the Anti-virus license over the Comprehensive Protection license, companies may enjoy substantial savings,however, they are significantly elevating their risk of malware outbreaks, financial losses, reputational damage, data loss or corruption, and system infections involving unknown trojans.

Only the Comprehensive Protection license can help minimise the risk of infection.

Under this license, Dr.Web anti-virus solutions for Windows come with the complete set of components, providing reliable protection from all current and advanced threats. However, any protection technology can be rendered powerless when attackers employ social engineering techniques to make users disable anti-virus software, open bogus links, and launch files sent to them by cyber crooks.

The anti-spam filters out unwanted emails as well as malicious files that have been designed specifically to circumvent known security mechanisms. Armed with information about the distinctive features of bogus mailings, it identifies and deletes emails containing the latest threats. Criminals will not be able to influence the actions of users the emails will never reach their potential targets.

The HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate scans Internet traffic and blocks access to potentially dangerous sites. Even if fraudsters successfully trick a user into opening a malicious link, Dr.Web will block access to the fraudulent site.

Dr.Web Office Control lets you restrict access to files and folders for multiple user accounts on the same computer and create a white list of removable media by preventing unwanted devices from connecting to user PCs, you can avoid targeted attacks.

Doctor Web never tires of reminding users that an anti-virus alone can't keep a system secure. That's why, on February 1, the company will remove the Anti-virus license for Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite from the market. Only the Comprehensive Protection license will be available to protect PCs from malware and other threats.

When their current Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite anti-virus licenses expire, customers will be offered the opportunity to renew their licenses by switching to a one-year Comprehensive Protection license at a discount of 40% or more. Users wanting to upgrade to the Comprehensive Protection license now can do so at a renewal discount.

*Only in Dr.Web for Windows

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