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New mobile fraud scheme

Doctor Web warns users about a new mobile fraud scheme that lures users into subscribing for a paid service.

Users are offered to enter their mobile numbers on a bogus web-site. After that a message is sent at the specified number. The message contains a link used to pay for a service. Fllowing a link activates a paid service and money is withdrawn from the subscriber’s account automatically.

The malicious design allows a person to submit someone else's number on the web-site. At the same time messages with an activation link don't explain to a user what the service is about, instead, they provide misleading information to encourage the user to click on the link even if he doesn’t mean to subscribe for a service. For example, a message can say that the link will lead the user to an image or a video clip.

A user may also have a hard time unsubscribing.

Doctor Web doesn’t recommend users to open links received with messages from unknown senders. If the message informs you that a friend has sent to you an e-card or a video clip, contact this person for confirmation.

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