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Marc Blanchard becomes the head of the technical support at Doctor Web France

September 8, 2008

Doctor Web France employs a renowned anti-virus industry expert as the head of its technical division.

Employment of Mark Blanchard, a solid professional with 20 years of experience in the field is another step taken by the company to increase its presence on the French anti-virus market where proficient technical support is one of the keys to high sales. Now Marc Blanchard will apply his wealth of experience as a technical director of Doctor Web France.

“At Doctor Web I will have several interrelated areas of focus. My primary objective will be creation of the technical support service promptly responding to requests of customers. We believe that it has to be really fast to meet expectations of any customer group in France. Besides, I intend to cooperate closely with the anti-virus laboratory of Doctor Web working to improve malware detection and neutralization technologies.”, Mark Blanchard said.

When asked why he decided on working at Doctor Web France Marc Blanchard previously employed at the French branch office of Kaspersky Lab explained that the innovative potential of the Russian product was among the main reasons. Since 1992 Dr.Web greatly contributed to the development of anti-virus industry. “It was the first to offer an online scan of files and daily updates of the virus database. September 2007 saw the birth of Origins Tracing™, the new non-signature technology introduced by Doctor Web which showed perfect understanding of emerging IT threats by the team. Competition on the anti-virus market is very tough. Still Doctor Web stands out with its distinctive approach to detection and curing even of the latest malware. Years of anti-virus research led me to somewhat similar view of the issues. It is a pleasure that Dr.Web team and I share a common vision of viral threats and counteraction techniques”, Marc Blanchard added.

As Marc Blanchard has joined Doctor Web in France it becomes clear that the vendor means to gain a strong foothold on the national anti-virus market using its anti-virus and IT security experience. A technical support centre in France will enable Doctor Web to offer the whole range of new services including remote support of customers and an expertise fulfilling requirements of any customer group. The professional support will also become a key to the successful deployment of Dr.Web AV-Desk that in a few months earned popularity in the CIS.

“Operation on a new market especially in such a country as France is impossible without competent technical support that would lay the groundwork for security services we are going to offer to our customers and partners. That’s why our team gives a warm welcome to Marc Blanchard, an expert at the French anti-virus market and the latest development trends of both malware and anti-viruses”, Boris Sharov, the CEO of Doctor Web comments.

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