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Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine updated in Dr.Web software

October 11, 2021

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine ( x86, x64) in a series of Dr.Web products.

The update boosts the engine’s threat-detection capabilities and improves its stability.

Dr.Web Virus-Finding Engine has been updated in the following products:

  • Dr.Web for macOS 9.0/11.0/11.1/12.0/12.5
  • Dr.Web 6/11.0/11.1 for Unix Server
  • Dr.Web 6/11.0/11.1 for Unix Mail Servers
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus 6/11.0/11.1 for Internet gateways Unix
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus 6/11.0/11.1 for Linux
  • Dr.Web Security Space 7/8/9/10/11.0/11.5/12
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus 7/8/9/10/11.0/11.5/12
  • Dr.Web Anti-virus 7/8/10/11.0/11.5/12 for Windows Servers
  • Dr.Web 10/11/11.5/12 for MS Exchange
  • Dr.Web 10/11.0/11.5/12 for IBM Lotus Domino (Windows version)
  • Dr.Web 6 for IBM Lotus Domino (Linux version)
  • Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.00.1/10.01.0/13
  • Dr.Web ATM Shield 6
  • Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.00.0/10.00.1/10.01.0/11.00/12.00/13 (Windows)
  • Dr.Web 6 for MIMEsweeper
  • Dr. Web LiveCD 9
  • Dr.Web 7 for Novell NetWare
  • Dr.Web 6 for Qbik WinGate
  • Dr.Web 6 for TrafficInspector
  • Dr.Web CureNet! 10/11
  • Dr.Web 11 for Microsoft ISA Server and Forefront TMG
  • Dr.Web 6 for Kerio mail servers (Windows)
  • Dr.Web 6 for Internet gateways Kerio (Windows)
  • Dr.Web 11.0/11.1 for Internet gateways Kerio (Linux)
  • Dr.Web 11.1 for Kerio mail servers (Linux)

Dr.Web Virus Finding Engine is a core anti-virus system-protection component that facilitates the detection and neutralisation of malware and serves as an analyser of suspicious behaviour.

The update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

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