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Doctor Web’s overview of malware detected on mobile devices in July 2017

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July 31, 2017

In July, Doctor Web security researchers have detected a preinstalled Trojan on several Android smartphone models. Cybercriminals injected this Trojan to the system library. This malicious program infiltrated application processes and could covertly download and launch additional modules. In addition, a game with an embedded loader Trojan was detected on Google Play. Also in July, virus analysts examined a dangerous banking Trojan that gained control over an infected device and stole confidential information.


  • Detection of the Trojan in the firmware of several Android device modules. This Trojan infiltrated application processes and covertly launched malicious modules
  • The detection of the loader Trojan on Google Play
  • Detection of the dangerous banking Trojan

Mobile threat of the month

In July, Doctor Web security researchers detected Android.Triada.231. Cybercriminals injected it into an Android system library. This malicious program infiltrated application processes and could covertly download and launch additional modules. The Trojan was detected on several Android device modules at once.

Features of Android.Triada.231:

More information about this Trojan can be found in the corresponding review published by Doctor Web.

According to statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android

According to statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android #drweb

Trojan programs designed to download other applications.
Trojans designed to display unwanted ads on mobile devices. They are distributed under the guise of popular apps by other malicious programs that sometimes covertly install them in the system directory.

According to statistics collected by Dr.Web for Android #drweb

Unwanted program modules that are incorporated into Android applications and are designed to display annoying ads on mobile devices.

Trojan on Google Play

In July, Doctor Web specialists found Android.DownLoader.558.origin injected into a popular game called BlazBlue. This malicious program is included into the system module designed to optimize software update. Its danger is in capability to covertly download and launch unchecked application components. Additional information about Android.DownLoader.558.origin is in our news article.

Banking Trojan

During the last month, a new dangerous banking Trojan called Android.BankBot.211.origin was detected. It tried to gain access to the Android Accessibility Service. It could control infected devices and steal all data from the keyboard input, including passwords. Besides, Android.BankBot.211.origin displayed phishing input forms for confidential data over launched banking programs, payment service software and other applications. More detailed information about this Trojan’s operation could be found in the corresponding article on our website.

Cybercriminals still attack users of Android mobile devices. They constantly extend the functionality of Trojans and make efforts to distribute them in all possible ways. Doctor Web recommends that device owners install Dr.Web for Android to protect their smartphones and tablets from malicious applications.

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