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Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile: protection from non-existent threats must be free!

December 19, 2007

Doctor Web, Ltd., a Russian developer of IT security solutions, announces the release of a new product – Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile and launch of Dr.Web "mobile" web-site.

Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile protects mobile devices – pocket PCs and communicators – that run Windows Mobile 2003/2003 SE/5.0./6.0.The new product protects only from viruses written specifically for wireless. Today a number of such specific threats is very small. Their malicious capabilities do not impose serious danger to owners of expensive gadgets which are more likely to be stolen rather than infected.

However, malicious intentions can find their application in mobile industry. Malware can be used to steal personal data: contacts, mail addresses, personal files, Internet surfing stats and, consequently, online buying info, passwords, private financial info stored on a device by an accounting programme, a schedule from an organizer. A device may be turned into a zombie used to send out paid SMS/MMS and mail spam messages or infected files. It can be used for unauthorized calls to paid numbers or Internet connections. Malicious wireless viruses can affect stability of applications running on a device or even block some of its functions.

But the malicious potential has not been put to work yet. So as Doctor Web, Ltd. was preparing for the release, it had to solve not only technical problems, but also a moral one. "I think that for now a virus for wireless is only a myth, a PR element, nothing else. Of course, the mobile virus hysteria is used to increase profits of a developer. Today there are no dangerous viruses targeting cell phones. Probably they will emerge in the nearest future. The present viruses appear to be just a first test.” - Igor Daniloff, the creator of Dr.Web anti-virus says.

Given this a decision to give licenses to Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile for free made by the company management is natural and logical.

“The idea that users should not pay for protection from threat that do not exist agrees with basic principles of Doctor Web, Ltd.” – Boris Sharov, the company CEO comments on the release – “On the one hand, we think it immoral to sell a product which is not quite useful yet. On the other hand, rapid development of mobile technologies and wide application of the instant payment services will inevitably result in emerging of more dangerous viruses for wireless. We have no doubts that virus makers have started working on commercial viruses for mobile devices a long time ago. Such viruses won’t aim to damage a device which was the beginning of viruses for PC. These will be sophisticated Trojans and spyware. We do understand that the threat though latent is real. That’s why our company has developed a protection from the possible threat. But now there are no dangerous viruses and so there is no threat for users and by now the product is free. So any user of Dr.Web for Windows products can get a free licence and be ready to address a threat at any moment”.

All registered users of commercial licences to Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows, Dr.Web for Windows. Anti-virus+Anti-spam and Dr.Web SOHO license can use Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile free of charge since its release, as now their key files also work with the new product. If you have not become a registered user of Dr.Web products yet, you will be able to use Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile for free when buying a licence for any of the products listed above.

A mobile web-site has been launched on release of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Mobile. Now users of pocket PCs and smartphones may access some of the resources of Dr.Web main web-site in a suitable way. The web-site provides up-to-date news and an opportunity to buy online. Wide range of payment options and swift delivery of digital licences will make buying in the online store quick and pleasant.

You can download Dr.Web anti-virus for Windows Mobile here.

Read in details how to try this new product and how to receive a free license to Dr.Web Anti-virus for Windows Mobile in the Frequent questions page.

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