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April 12, 2016

Doctor Web invites all members of the Dr.Web community who use Facebook to share links to the Anti-virus Times issues they liked. Give your friends the opportunity to read information you thought was important and interesting! This activity is for our biggest fans. Unfortunately, we can’t award Dr.Weblings for this activity because of Facebook’s technical limitations.

Doctor Web launched its new Anti-virus Times project for everyone who wants to always stay up to speed on important aspects of information security, and wants to learn how to be more responsible and feel safe when using devices and surfing the Internet. Information is provided daily in the form of short posts.

Some facts we report will not surprise our well-informed readers, while others may prove to be new and really important. If you’ve learned something interesting from reading project issues, you can share links to them on Facebook— pass on the knowledge you’ve acquired to your friends and colleagues.

Invite your Facebook friends to read the Anti-Virus Times issues you liked

Unfortunately, you will not be awarded Dr.Weblings for this activity because of Facebook’s technical limitations. However, we invite all users interested in issues of information security to share useful knowledge on the Internet. Let as many people as possible become competent users of humankind’s IT achievements and learn more about how to withstand digital hazards—with your help!

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