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Protect your email and Internet gateways, and get Dr.Web Katana as a free gift!

February 11, 2016

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is offering businesses the opportunity to purchase the Dr.Web Katana+ promo bundle, which includes Dr.Web Mail Security Suite and Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite (both or just one, depending on the customer’s needs), and get the non-signature anti-virus Dr.Web Katana as a free gift. The promo runs from January 10 till April 10 and is intended primarily for users who decide to migrate to Dr.Web from other developers’ email and traffic filtering anti-virus solutions—in addition to the aforementioned free gift, businesses also get 50% off anti-viruses for email and gateways.

Purchase a Dr.Web product for business and get Dr.Web Katana as a free gift. Plus a 50% discount when you switch to Dr.Web!

The highlight of the promo bundle is the new Doctor Web product Dr.Web Katana. It offers protection against new, not-yet-analysed malicious programs that can’t be detected by non-Dr.Web anti-viruses whose virus databases rely on signature-based methods, including heuristic routines. Dr.Web Katana ”understands” malware behavioural patterns and can neutralise threats that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. It doesn't conflict with other anti-viruses and doesn't require configuration. And it consumes only 36 MB of RAM.

Customers who purchase the bundle will get Dr.Web Katana free of charge to protect their Windows PCs and tablets.

Today, email is the main transport mechanism for malicious files and links to bogus sites. With anti-virus protection for mail servers, employees can work from their personal devices and computers in any part of the world without risking infection with unknown malware. Dr.Web Mail Security Suite is the second product in the promo bundle. It will not only scan inbound email but also check messages when they are being accessed, so that threats that have been invisible to the anti-virus at the moment of intrusion will be neutralised.

The third promo bundle product—Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite—will scan all inbound traffic in a corporate network to prevent intruders from infecting the network and employee personal devices—nodes on which the installation of an anti-virus is difficult or impossible.

  • Licenses that offer protection for 25-250 email or Internet-gateway users can participate in the promo.
  • When you purchase the promo bundle, you can protect 25-250 PCs with Dr.Web Katana’s non-signature technologies free of charge.
  • If you buy the bundle to migrate from a non-Dr.Web anti-virus, you save 50% on mail-server and gateway protection!
  • And one more important thing to consider: all Dr.Web users can request free decryption services when their data gets compromised by Trojan.Encoder programs. To date, more than 90% of the people who have contacted us for decryption assistance have been users of non-Dr.Web anti-virus software.
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