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The Anti-virus Times knows how Trojans infect PCs

April 11, 2016

This special Anti-virus Times column describes tricks devised by virus makers to infect computers with malware. In this first issue, which is entitled "Uninvited guests", you will learn how a Trojan managed to get into Apple's App Store.

Today Trojans are the most common threat. Sometimes users only need to visit a compromised web page to get their system infected. Also, criminals often 'bundle' distributions of popular applications with malicious programs that will spy on you and are likely to steal your confidential information and money.

Check out the column “Univited guests” in the Anti-virus Times to learn everything about virus makers' tricks and the techniques they use to hide malware in a system.

Even devices that were long considered impregnable are at risk. Unfortunately, the history of the virus industry and the accumulated experience of those working in the field of anti-virus development only confirm that invulnerable systems do not exist, and any application you are about to install should be considered capable of posing a threat. Read the first “Uninvited guests” column in the Anti-virus Times to learn about the Trojan that was downloaded many times by users who were confident that the App Store was absolutely secure.

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