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New Anti-virus Times column: The law is harsh, but it's the law, even online!

April 11, 2016

Doctor Web’s Anti-virus Times project will now include a new column devoted to the legal regulation of user activities on the Internet. The first issue of thecolumn “Legal expert” will discuss the possible consequences of reposting online.

The problems faced daily by computer owners and Internet users face daily are far beyond the risk of viral infections. Therefore, despite the fact that the our project is called “The Anti-virus Times”, we have decided not to limit the issues to information concerning only viruses, network threats, and related topics. Eventually, the project will expand to include columns related to a wide range of problems generated by the new digital reality.

The first issue of "Legal expert" will discuss something that everyone has done on the Internet at least once — repost material. Thanks to bloggers and social network surfers, the amount of content on the Internet is constantly increasing. But, not everyone is creating original content; most users are just sharing content with friends or openly posting information they have come across online, i.e., they are reposting material on the basis of their own preferences and according to their own interests.

The new column "Legal expert", which concerns the legal regulation of Internet activities, will give guidance to Anti-virus Times readers.

Go to The Anti-virus Times to read the first issue of the new column "Legal expert" and find out what can happen when you repost certain kinds of information (even if you quote material without adding anything to it).

Read The Anti-virus Times

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