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Explore the digital world from a position of safety: New Doctor Web Anti-virus Times project will broaden users’ horizons

April 7, 2016

Doctor Web announces the launch of the Anti-virus Times, its latest project. Short news posts will help users learn more about information security. Readers will be able to suggest new topics, leave comments, rate posts, and share posts via social media.

The new Anti-virus Times project is being launched in response to growing customer concerns over present-day Internet security threats. To counter cybercrime, fraud, malware infections, and other threats, users need to continuously work to stay up-to-date on matters of information security by acquiring new knowledge daily about the kind of Internet behaviour that keeps devices secure.

The avalanche of information we are bombarded with daily makes us appreciate even more that time is one of our most valuable and irreplaceable assets. That’s why Doctor Web has chosen to provide its customers with bite-size pieces of important information. We value their time, and want all friends of Dr.Web to be able to easily and comfortably fit the Anti-virus Times on their daily news reading agenda.

New Doctor Web Anti-virus Times project: Explore the digital world from a position of safety!

The Anti-virus Times will feature columns on a variety of topics. Everyone, regardless of their age and competence when it comes to information security, will find something useful.

We will tell you what to do in the event of a virus-related computer incident; how to neutralise the latest, most dangerous threats (including banking Trojans); the ins and outs of keeping mobile devices of off-site employees secure; and about legislation governing the information security industry and user Internet activity—these and many other aspects of maintaining security in a digital world will be covered by Anti-virus Times columns.

All project columns

The Anti-virus Times project offers an interactive experience to all users interested in issues of information security. If you have any ideas or thoughts on how to make the Anti-virus Times issues more interesting and useful to readers, or a clever proposal on how we could further develop the project – write to us!

Have an idea for a new column? Tell us about it!

New trophies and dozens of awards (Dr.Weblings) await active project participants. Learn more about information security, suggest new topics for us to cover, comment on information you liked, share posts in social media – and earn more Dr.Weblings!

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