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Configure Dr.Web 11.0 components!

November 26, 2015

Doctor Web invites all users to participate in the Configure Dr.Web project (link) which focuses on the components of the new, eleventh version of Dr.Web for Windows. Dr.Web Security Space’s comprehensive protection incorporates several innovations that will make it simpler for you to achieve your goal of ensuring that your system remains completely secure. How it works: answer Configure Dr.Web questions and get 100 virtual award points for each passed test!

The Dr.Web SpIDer Gate HTTP monitor in Dr.Web Security Space version 11.0 is even more user-friendly. In addition, the developers have ensured that traffic scanning has an even lesser impact on system performance. How do you configure traffic scanning? How do you add trusted resources in the HTTP monitor exceptions? How do you set the scanning priority? If you have already installed Dr.Web 11.0, you’ll have no trouble answering these questions.

Also improved in the eleventh version was such an important component as Dr.Web Parental Control. Configure Dr.Web project participants are invited to choose the correct answers to questions about how to enable Parental Control modes, the secrets to working easily with profiles, and other component settings.

The information on how Dr.Web preventive protection works is very helpful; this component is responsible for protecting computers against encryption ransomware, which is today’s No. 1 threat. When you know how to configure the protection level, how to enable the “Data loss prevention” feature, and how to keep your system protected against ransomware, you can rest easy knowing your files will be safe.

The Configure Dr.Web project offers you an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with Dr.Web Security Space 11.0, use the knowledge you’ve gained to win Dr.Weblings, and exchange your virtual award points for gift certificates!

Configure Dr.Web!

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