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Threads protecting from evil eye, lip enhancers, and other “magical” goods sold in online stores

October 23, 2015

At the end of every month Doctor Web publishes virus activity reviews containing information on the total number of Internet resources added to the database of non-recommended websites over the course of one month. Online stores selling some strange items or goods of questionable quality can be usually found among those websites that from time to time become main “heroes” of news articles issued by our company. However, resourceful fraudsters continue to surprise Doctor Web security researchers coming up with various mind-blowing ideas for new products.

At the top of our today's list of marvelous items sold in various online stores is a red thread that should protect its owner from evil eye. This product is sold at a ridiculously “low” price starting from 760 to 1,590 RUB and is said to be delivered directly from Israel, which is proven by a special certificate printed on an ordinary printer. If a buyer puts this thread on their left hand, they will be freed from evil enchantment, their karma will be purified, and their mental condition stabilized. However, the “user manual” does not provide customers with any information regarding why this thread should be worn on the left hand only and not, for example, on the right ear—this fact shall remain mystery for many years to come.

screen #drweb

As it turns out, the final price of the thread is calculated based on “the price of the product itself combined with the shipping cost from Israel”, and, judging from the final figures, one can guess that this marvelous object gets delivered to the buyer by some rare creatures of noble breed that fly only first class. If some customer has a particularly strong wish to be healed from all the possible illnesses, they can buy four threads at a higher price and wear them on all their limbs—this will surely intensify the healing effect.

The second place on our list is taken by a rather curious automobile gadget that looks more like one particular item from an adult shop. Inside the gadget there is a special capacitor and a light-emitting diode that, when connected to the car cigarette lighter, starts working to save gas, minimize oil consumption, regulate the electric charge in the battery, and, along the way, stabilize the powers of the Universe.

screen #drweb

Exactly how this product works is unclear, however, fraudsters say that it can even boost gas quality. Why oil-refining companies do not use this highly-effective device in their field of work is also a mystery to us. One can assume that other innovative “gas savers” advertised on some websites are developed on the basis of a Chinese magnetic screwdriver. Their creators describe this amazing technology as follows: “Under the influence of temperature and humidity, hydrocarbon molecules get glued together. By generating magnetic impulses, our device breaks those clusters apart while energizing molecules with positive cosmic energy”.

screen #drweb

However, potential users of these state-of-the-art solutions should execute caution—if they decide to connect one of such “gas savers” to the cigarette lighter and another one plug into, for example, the tail pipe, the car performance characteristics will be enhanced in such a way that the vehicle can get easily sucked into a black hole.

When it comes to magnets, innovative online sellers found yet another original way how to use them—losing weight has never been easier!

screen #drweb

By asking Internet users whether they “want to have a b**t like Jennifer Lopez has” and advising them to “switch their brains to the turbo weight-loss mode”, fraudsters try to attract attention of potential buyers. The “switch” here stands for a “bio magnet” that should suppress appetite and enhance production of all possible hormones. However, it is not a secret that the only way magnets can actually help with the mentioned problem is if you use them to lock your refrigerator—only then will you be able to reach your goal!

screen #drweb

If you think that the image above demonstrates a special device designed to make taking duck-face pictures easier, you are wrong. This marvelous device is a lip enhancer that should make your life “fuller”. Websites promoting this product are filled with raving reviews from grateful customers (not only women but also men) who have already tried it. The most “experienced” users say that in order to get stunning results one should “suck on” this device every 2–2.5 hours—that way, not only the lip structure will be improved, but also the mood of people surrounding the device's owner (especially if the device is used on public transport during rush hours). One can assume that together with a lip enhancer from the USA the most loyal customers get a Chinese automatic rolling-up machine to take care of their “improved” face part in the future.

Doctor Web analysts would like to remind Internet users about the importance of executing caution when it comes to innovative devices sold in various online stores. We would also like to make a promise that addresses of such recourses will always be added to the database of non-recommended websites on time.

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