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The new Dr.Web 11.0 makes a beeline for its goal!

October 20, 2015

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is pleased to announce the release of version 11 of its Dr.Web applications for Windows—Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus. Version 11 has an extended arsenal of protective technologies that provide enhanced protection against zero-day exploits and other deceptive techniques that criminals use today and will use in the future. Dr.Web utilises state-of-the-art hardware capabilities to control the operation of all the installed applications and the operating system.

Sees its target. Lets nothing stand in its way

New version
Dr.Web 11.0 for Windows


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Our preventive protection is based on an analysis of the behaviour of malicious, suspicious or untrusted scripts and processes. Today it complements the traditional signature-based scanning and plays an essential part in neutralising brand new malware. The risk of an unknown Trojan attacking a user’s machine before it can be analysed by anti-virus vendors is growing. It's no secret that most of today’s popular programs have flaws that can be exploited by intruders to penetrate a system. Even though the discovered vulnerabilities are closed promptly by the respective software developers, users often fail to install updates in a timely manner, leaving their systems at risk of infection.

That's why Dr.Web developers paid special attention to upgrading the Dr.Web Process Heuristics Heuristics behaviour analyser and enhanced Dr.Web Preventive Protection with the new Dr.Web ShellGuard technology which protects systems from zero-day attacks against the most common applications. The updated heuristic analyser can end suspicious and malicious processes and is even more effective at detecting threats, including those not yet in the virus database—encryption ransomware, injectors and spyware. In addition to the local database, the new Dr.Web ShellGuard technology uses the Dr.Web reputation cloud which provides up-to-date information about potential threats involving software vulnerabilities.

The new Dr.Web HyperVisor component runs on the lowest level in the system which greatly enhances threat detection and neutralisation and guarantees that all attempts by malware (including malware that has yet to be discovered) to get into a protected system or disrupt Dr.Web's operation will be thwarted.

Other important innovations speed up anti-virus scanning without compromising PC security. Gamers and frequent users of online media streaming will surely appreciate that audio and video playback is now delivered without delays. And large files are also downloaded much faster. Thanks to the brand new back-up routines that have been added to the Data Loss Prevention component, Dr.Web now boasts lower memory usage and higher usability. Additional parameters (including those of the Parental Control) and UI tweaks make Dr.Web protection even easier to control. Thanks to the optimised updating routine, certain Dr.Web components can be updated without a system restart.

Remember that the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate, Parental Control and Data Loss Prevention are only available in Dr.Web Security Space.

As it works to resolve current threats, Dr.Web is also able to anticipate future ones. This approach ensures that the security of systems protected with Dr.Web 11.0 won't be circumvented by intruders.

The upgrade to version 11 is available free of charge to all Dr.Web users.

Upgrade to version 11 free of charge     Find out more about the new features in version 11

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