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Deploying Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite is easy!

September 9, 2015

After receiving numerous questions from users (including large companies) about how to switch to Dr.Web products, Doctor Web has drawn up a detailed description of the steps users can take to quickly replace their current anti-virus or deploy a new protection solution powered by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. The description outlines all the key steps, from explaining how to prepare for the installation to detailing specific deployment features.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite incorporates a number of Dr.Web products that protect corporate networks from all kinds of threats. Network administrators will appreciate being able to maintain centralised control over the software and to fine tune it using the wide array of available options.

The guide addresses many questions about deploying Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite. It also explains how machines can stay protected through the transition period and how to keep the number of compatibility issues to a minimum.

Armed with knowledge about possible pitfalls, you can deploy Dr.Web in your corporate network as quickly as possible without interfering with your company's business routines.

The deployment guide can be found on the page about Dr.Web training courses in My Dr.Web Training Portal.

You can also download it from here.

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