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Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.0 updated

August 12, 2015

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated the server software of its Internet service Dr.Web AV-Desk which delivers the Dr.Web Anti-virus service to subscribers. The update resolves known issues with the applications.

  • Problems involving reports being processed have been eliminated.
  • Now Dr.Web Anti-virus service packages for legal persons can be selected when a new host's membership on the anti-virus network is being approved.
  • Issues involving emails that are dispatched with installer packages have been resolved as havenumerous issues involving administrator permissions.
  • Defects pertaining to the transfer of configuration data for the SpIDer Guard for Linux file monitor have been corrected.
  • An issue that prevented the status page from being viewed if a host and a group were selected at the same time has been resolved.
  • Hosts that have been removed from the anti-virus network can now be restored.
  • A problem that prevented some hosts from connecting to the server has been eliminated.
  • An issue that might sometimes prevent agents from being installed via the ES proxy server has been resolved.
  • Defects that might decelerate agent and server updating or make such updates impossible have been corrected.
  • Host status information is now displayed properly for all service groups.
  • An issue that might cause connection errors while Dr.Web server software was being updated via the Global Updating System has been eliminated.

In addition to error fixes, the update also delivers an Enterprise Scanner feature that enables users to prioritise scanning and define the amount of system resources to be used in any scanning mode.

The updated Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.0 server software is available through the Dr.Web Control Center web interface, where it will appear as an update dated July 30, 2015. The updated distribution files can also be downloaded from Doctor Web's site.

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