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Playing with viruses: How to come out a winner

July 21, 2015

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has launched a new promotional project called “Playing with viruses”. Nowadays gamers are one of the major target groups for cyber-criminals—gamers have all sorts of valuable assets, ranging from game accounts to high-level characters. The situation is complicated by the fact that many users who play computer games are rather careless when it comes to online transactions and many of them are still children, who are particularly easy to deceive. Our project is designed to inform the widest audience possible about the dangers lurking in the Internet playground.

According to statistics, most gamers are unaware of cyber threats or believe that criminals wouldn’t be interested in their data and game assets. However, experience shows that they could not be more wrong. If you follow our news releases, you already know that a significant number of malicious programs and fraud schemes are targeting gamers.

The project “Playing with viruses” provides information about such schemes, examples of attacks on game servers, and figures and facts that prove that even seemingly harmless offers made to gamers can conceal a threat. And, of course, Doctor Web security researchers offer recommendations that will help you avoid the threats and enjoy trouble-free gaming.

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