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Beta-testing for Dr.Web 10 for Unix Servers launched

June 22, 2015

Doctor Web has started to beta-test Dr.Web 10 for Unix Server. The application has been redesigned and has acquired a number of new components that make the work of administrators easier.

The new version incorporates the following innovations and upgrades:

  • The performance and reliability of the drweb-samba-spider component, which detects threats in files and directories accessed using samba, has been improved.
  • The drweb-nss component, which protects NSS-volumes in SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, has been updated and added to the product.
  • To enhance anti-virus security, the product now includes the drweb-snmpd component which facilitates interactions with network monitoring solutions. Currently, Cacti, Zabbix, Munin and Nagios are supported.
  • The drweb-clamd component, which has been added as well, emulates the ClamAV daemon interface. This component can be used to protect FTP servers.
  • The drweb-spider file monitor, also a new addition, detects threats in the GNU/Linux file system.
  • Now administrators can take advantage of delayed actions that can be applied to a detected threat after a specified period of time during which access to the dangerous file is blocked.
  • The new version also offers tweaks that improve the quarantine's usability.
  • The web console that facilitates control over the software suite and operations involving detected and disarmed threats has been updated too.

To try out all the upgrades available in the new version of Dr.Web for Unix Server, participate in the beta-testing.

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