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Dr.Web CureNet! updated to version 10.0.1

June 24, 2015

Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web CureNet!, a utility that facilitates remote scanning and curing in local networks, to version 10.0.1. The update delivers upgrades that simplify the scanning routine and enhance the security of target hosts. Now Dr.Web CureNet! utilises components that are already available in the latest Dr.Web anti-virus software for Windows.

The utility now incorporates the quarantine manager to access the quarantine on remote hosts.

In addition, administrators can now change host information (ip/name) and switch between accounts after scanning has started. Now, if incorrect data has been entered and an error occurs, you can fix it on the fly and restart the scan without closing the window. You can also add new hosts while scanning is in progress, without having to start over. If an error occurs while scanning a particular host, you can rescan that machine.

Dr.Web CureNet! now includes an option that lets you restrict the usage of a target system's resources.

In addition, the utility can now use Active Directory features to generate a list of machines that require scanning. Furthermore, administrators can obtain a complete list of all the hosts in the domain and select those that need to be checked for viruses.

Another new option allows standard anti-virus process names to be used during scanning, instead of randomly generated ones. This makes it easier to configure the firewall on local machines.

The routine for checking the integrity of the software components and virus databases has been upgraded.

If you have a serial number for a commercial or demo license, you can download Dr.Web CureNet! from or

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