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Dr.Web AV-Desk 10.0 Internet service released

June 1, 2015

Doctor Web has released version 10.0 of the Internet service Dr.Web AV-Desk. The massive improvements made to the product affect both the server software and the agent software that is used by Dr.Web Anti-virus service subscribers, and have made the Service more efficient and more usable for users, including corporate customers.

Key Dr.Web AV-Desk server upgrades

  • New networking routines were added to improve the performance of the server when working with a large number of hosts.
  • The new network scanner can search for hosts in different domains.
  • Dr.Web server clusters and cluster protocol are now available to coordinate the operation of the Dr.Web agents via various Dr.Web servers.

New Control Center features

  • A new option has been added to initiate server updating via the Control Center.
  • Multicast agent updating via the Dr.Web server is also now possible.
  • Additional options have been added to make updating routines more flexible and to enable administrators to configure the distribution of updates between hosts and host groups.
  • Furthermore, various operations involving the DBMS (such as analysing and purging it) can now be performed via the Control Center.
  • Administrators can also view information about user sessions on the protected hosts and access the anti-virus network list of inactive machines.
  • The addition of a user ID parameter, which allows administrators to group together all the subscriptions owned by individual users, makes it easier to integrate the solution with billing systems and other external environments.
  • A new parameter in group properties can now be used to indicate that subscribers belong to a specific organisation.
  • The service reporting system has been revamped.

Key changes made to the Dr.Web agent

  • The Dr.Web Agent for Windows has been redesigned to meet the present-day requirements for protecting PCs from malicious programs:
    • The product now provides continuous background scanning and facilitates the neutralisation of active threats. Low consumption of system resources is a key advantage of the new routines.
    • To prevent infection with common Trojan.Encoder, Trojan.Inject and Trojan.Winlock programs, the agent incorporates proactive protection features.
    • A new routine has been introduced to detect malware compressed with packers that the Dr.Web scanner currently does not recognise.
    • To improve performance on machines engaged in a large number of file operations, the file monitor SpIDer Guard has been upgraded.
    • The anti-rootkit module boasts enhanced detection of threats targeting 64-bit operating systems.
    • The new version of the Office Control lets administrators block certain types of devices on remote hosts and restrict access to the Internet or to a machine for a specified period of time.
    • Dr.Web module settings are now accessible in a single window.
    • A CAPTCHA code no longer needs to be entered to disable a protection component.
    • Settings changes are now applied on the fly—just enter the required data, check a box or move a slider.
    • Notifications about threats detected or problems in the product's operation have been made more visible.
    • Exceptions settings are now placed in a separate section. Exceptions no longer need to be defined individually for each protection component.
    • The redesigned main menu ensures that users have all the necessary tools at hand.
  • Server connection settings are now included in individual Dr.Web installers for Android, Linux and Mac OS X; there is no need to download a configuration file separately. Once installed, the agent will connect to the server right away.
  • A group installer facilitates the simultaneous installation of the Dr.Web software on several hosts.

More information about the new features can be found in the release notes.

Providers should consult Doctor Web specialists in order to upgrade their Internet service. The Dr.Web Anti-virus service software will be updated automatically.

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