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"They were the vanguard"—back into history on Dr.Web's birthday

April 22, 2015

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web is celebrating the birthday of its anti-virus. Twenty-three years ago, when the Russian Internet didn't even exist, users already had the ability to protect their computers with Dr.Web. This event is significant and not just for us, which is why today we are going back in history. Well, to be more precise, we'll start with some pre-history, because if it weren't for viruses, anti-viruses would never have come into being. Our new information project, “They were the vanguard”, relates the people and events that paved the way to a new era—the era of information security.

It’s already hard to imagine that there was a time when computers were a novelty; when one could hear the characteristic hum—deep within large, clunky computers—of data being written to floppy disks; and when self-replicating programs were straight off the pages of a science fiction novel. However, that’s exactly how it was!

Dr.Web played its role in shaping history, and we are confident that our anti-virus has made the computer world much safer. And, armed with the experience of the past, we'll make it even safer.

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