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Dr.Web single-user products now start working without registration

February 16, 2010

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced that it introduced a simplified activation procedure in its products for protection of Windows computers. Now these products provide minimal anti-virus security right after installation without registration over the Internet.

Previously the activation procedure required a user to connect to the Internet and register a serial number in order to retrieve a key file. A connection to a Dr.Web server had to be established before the anti-virus became operational. Therefore, users who couldn’t access the Internet (e.g. owners of new computers bundled with OEM Dr.Web solutions) couldn’t use an anti-virus immediately after purchasing.

The improvement of the installation system and certain modules allows customers to deploy Dr.Web anti-viruses without connecting to the Internet. The products can be installed automatically and will be working before registration.

However, these improvements won’t keep the virus databases and components of the anti-viruses up to date. Once started, Dr.Web instantly notifies a user that he needs to register his license. Only then it will be able to update virus definitions and its components. In order to register a license users need to launch the registration utility manually.

These innovations aim at improving anti-virus security, simplifying installation and therefore making them more attractive to users and Doctor Web’s partners.

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