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Make your Mac invulnerable with Doctor Web

April 2, 2015

Exactly three years ago in early April 2012, Doctor Web reported on the discovery of a botnet encompassing hundreds of thousands of Macs infected with the malware BackDoor.Flashback. This was and still is the largest known network comprised of Apple-manufactured machines. Since then, Doctor Web security researchers have examined and described many other malicious objects targeting Mac OS X, having destroyed the myth about the platform's impregnability. Doctor Web's new information project will help you find out which Trojans can penetrate your Mac and how you can avoid infection.

Because no executable can be run under Mac OS X without the user's knowledge, the human factor plays a significant role in Mac security incidents. Attackers know this well, while users—especially inexperienced ones—often do not. Our project aims at focusing once again on security basics that will help you prevent your Mac from getting infected.

The project also provides detailed information about vulnerabilities in third-party software installed on Macs—a loophole of this kind was exploited to proliferate BackDoor.Flashback. Our tips will help you avoid the annoying pitfalls arising from someone else's mistakes.

We invite you to become familiar with our information project and with the security features of Dr.Web for Mac OS X.

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