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Dr.Web vs. encryption ransomware: Keep your data and your sanity intact!

March 10, 2015

Doctor Web is once again drawing the attention of users to the danger presented by encryption ransomware that extorts money for the decryption of compromised data. The number of Doctor Web Technical Support requests made by users whose information has been compromised by this ransomware is still rising. Compared with January 2015, the February figure increased by another 40.9%. In light of this, we would like to remind you that you can learn more about this threat by going to our website’s information section devoted to encryption ransomware and use Dr.Web Security Space 10 to minimise security risks and keep your data and your money safe.

In this section, you can not only find out more about the current situation on the “ransomware front” and Dr.Web’s capabilities to neutralise it, but also learn what you can do if your computer has been infected.

Please note that the decryption service is available free of charge to owners of commercial Dr.Web licenses. So that you never reach the point where you require decryption services, we strongly recommended that you use the “Data loss prevention” feature which is available in the comprehensive protection product Dr.Web Security Space 10.

Keep yourself up to speed about the ransomware threat, and you will keep your valuable data—and your no less precious sanity—intact!

Find out more about encryption ransomware

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