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Dr.Web Anti-virus protects users from potentially dangerous sites

February 19, 2015

A new section about potentially dangerous websites has been added to the Doctor Web knowledge base. Here you will be able to learn how to make web surfing more enjoyable and regulate access to sites that can harm the health and safety of users, especially children and teenagers.

Every user knows which information has a negative impact on their state of mind, and which sites they'd rather avoid visiting. Users of Dr.Web anti-viruses can independently control access to potentially harmful sites. This knowledge may especially come in handy if children are using home computers since unwanted information can harm, frighten, or upset them.

The Parental Control thematic categories in Dr.Web Security Space are used to filter out unwanted content. Users of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Mac OS X and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux can use the corresponding features of the HTTP monitor SpIDer Gate. Android users can take advantage of the Cloud Checker URL filter that can also control handheld access to potentially harmful sites.

Visit the new section to learn how potentially dangerous sites get into the database. Here you can also find out what you should do if you need to visit such a site or if you believe that the site was mistakenly added into the database. Please note that Dr.Web only advises you against visiting potentially dangerous sites. You can change the corresponding settings on your PC, Mac or handheld at any time.

Read more about potentially dangerous sites

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