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Dr.Web Preventive Protection — a useful anti-virus component

February 24, 2015

Doctor Web, Ltd., announces the launch of a new project designed to inform users about the settings of the Dr.Web Anti-virus “Preventive protection” component. Users can familiarise themselves thoroughly with the component’s different settings and learn how to apply them according to their own home PC security requirements.

Dr.Web Preventive Protection is available under the Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus licenses. The new information resource acquaints users with the component’s four operational levels and with its individual settings located on the “Preventive protection” tab which can be reached by clicking on the spider icon in the system tray and going to the “Protection components” settings menu.

Dr.Web users can configure a useful anti-virus component — preventive protection.

We want to emphasise to Dr.Web users that it is in their best interests to use preventive protection to protect the information on their home PCs from damage and unauthorised access.

When you disable preventive protection, Dr.Web Process Heuristics technology―which protects your system against the newest, most dangerous malware programs designed to bypass detection by traditional signature-based scanning and heuristic analysis―stops operating. This is the very technology that makes it possible to detect encryption ransomware programs that are unfamiliar to the Dr.Web virus database. Without preventive protection, critical system objects remain unclosed and are often used by viruses to infect computers. When used, this component helps prevent access to anti-virus company websites from being blocked and legitimate addresses from being spoofed by phishing resources (this is especially critical for users of online banking). When you disable the preventive protection component, new malware that has yet to be analysed by Doctor Web, can penetrate your computer. As a result, the OS as a whole and the individual applications installed on your computer can become unstable, some applications may not launch, and you may not be able to start your PC in safe mode which in turn would make it difficult to neutralise the effects of the viral incident.

Learn more about Dr.Web Preventive Protection

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