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Dr.Web LiveDisk updated to version 9.0

January 29, 2015

Doctor Web has updated Dr.Web LiveDisk—the free emergency system restore tool for PCs—to version 9.0. The update improves routines for scanning and neutralising malware and delivers other upgrades.

These include the ability to export data via the registry editor and the anti-virus shortcut on the desktop.

The program's usability has also been improved. Now, a battery status indicator is available if Dr.Web LiveDisk is launched on a laptop.

Also, the virus databases can be updated if the utility is launched from a flash drive—there is no need to write Dr.Web LiveDisk onto media to update it.

An issue with assessing free disk space that could arise when writing Dr.Web LiveDisk onto a flash drive has been eliminated.

Download Dr.Web LiveDisk

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