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Components in Dr.Web 10.0 products for Windows updated

January 26, 2015

Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has updated SpIDer Agent for Windows (, Dr.Web Control Service (, Dr.Web Net filtering Service (, Dr.Web SelfPROtect (, the firewall (, Dr.Web DeviceGuard (, Dr.Web Updater (, Dr.Web SysInfo (, Scanner SE (, Dr.Web Security Space, Anti-virus for Windows setup (, as well as the configuration scripts and language modules in Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus 10.0 and in Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite (part of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite 10.0) which supports centralised administration.

The agent interface of Dr.Web Security Space and Dr.Web Anti-virus once again provides notifications whenever a license key file is blocked. In the Data Loss Prevention section, a problem resulting in items on the list of protected objects being sorted incorrectly has been eliminated. At the same time, changes have been introduced so that this option is disabled if no objects have been selected for backing up. The anti-virus network option is unavailable if a connection to a remote agent has been established. In addition, an animated progress bar for host searches has been implemented in the Anti-virus Network tools. In products for home customers, the range of information collected by Dr.Web SysInfo has been expanded, and log collection defects have been corrected.

Also eliminated was a Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite issue involving the incorrect Control Center connection status being displayed in the notification area whenever the mouse pointer hovered over the agent icon in the system tray. Furthermore, the update corrects a defect involving incorrect information about the agent language settings being displayed if the system language option has been selected. Tool tips for the system tray agent icon have also been implemented.

The following changes affect all of the above listed products.

The Settings and Close buttons have been removed from notifications about Internet use time limits almost being reached. An issue that involved errors occurring when switching between different keyboard layouts in the administrative mode password dialogue box has been resolved.

A compatibility issue between Dr.Web Net filtering Service and Xerox 5740 software has been eliminated.

A self-protection module defect has also been corrected. The module now prevents executables from launching in folders on the Dr.Web Parental Control (Office Control in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite) block list.

An error occurring when the firewall terminated abnormally when displaying the list of running processes has been corrected.

A Dr.Web DeviceGuard issue involving multimedia key presses on some Microsoft keyboard models has been resolved. Also eliminated was an issue that could cause a system crash when the component blocked access to disks.

A Dr.Web Updater defect involving the installation and updating of Dr.Web under Windows XP with Czech localisation has also been corrected.

The Scanner SE feature for restricting access to various system functions has been redesigned.

A configuration script issue involving the repeat registration of the Outlook plugin after updating has been resolved.

The update will be performed automatically; however, a system reboot will be required.

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