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Dr.Web solutions for Windows workstations and file servers updated

February 15, 2010 Doctor Web released the updated versions of its anti-virus solutions for protection of Windows workstations ands. It was the first updating where improvements have been done to modules designed for 64-bit systems.

Operation of the self-protection module in Windows server solutions (32 and 64 bit) has been improved. The improved dwprot module is also included in Dr.Web Enterprise Suite and Dr.Web AV-Desk.

The updated r.Web ScanEngine ensured correct integration of the anti-virus with the Windows Security Center under Windows XP/Vista (Action Centre in Windows 7) and ti improve performance of the anti-virus monitor. Besides, solutions for 64-bit versions of Windows were equipped with a multi-thread console scanner that uses all advantages of Dr.Web ScanEngine.

Updating of SpIDer Agent allowed Dr.Web solutions to block modification of the hosts file and critical Windows system components. With this upgrade 64-bit versions of Windows are protected from installation of most known malicious programs.

The Dr.Web anti-virus service software, Dr.Web solutions for workstations and Dr.Web Enterprise Suite clients will download and install the update automatically.

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