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ZIPPRO – profit from the air

Doctor Web draws attention of users to the web-site offering participation in a partnership programme on the following terms.

After a simple registration a partner can compress any data with a special compression program and the data will be spread over the Internet. A user that receives data archived with the compression program has to send a paid SMS to the ZIPPRO service to receive a code that will enable him to extract the data. And the ZIPPRO partner gets his share of profit from the paid SMS.

In spite of the fact that the service usage agreement forbids spreading malware using the service, such an opportunity still exists. Archived content spread using the service is post moderated, therefore a criminal's account will be blocked only after the terms will have been violated.

Besides, the usage agreement doesn’t explicitly forbid spreading empty files that have no value and yet can be used to mislead users and obtain their money.

Doctor Web doesn’t recommend users to resort to such services to avoid fraud risks.

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