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Subscribers of leading ISP in Belgorod shielded by Dr.Web AV-Desk

September 2, 2008

Deployment of AV-Desk solved a security issue for BelNet Provider Company. On September 1 it launched commercial operation of the Internet-service developed by Doctor Web.

BelNet is one of the largest ISPs in Belgorod with over 5000 subscribers. Such a big number of customers makes virus epidemics an urgent issue. The company experienced large-scale network failures connected with infection of user machines when network administrators could not ensure security of several thousand computers.

“Starting Dr.Web AV-Desk allowed us to accomplished several important tasks. First of all we provided protection to our users and decreased traffic of bus networks. Besides, virus complaints have dwindled dramatically and workload of our helpdesk diminished accordingly. Finally we regained trust of our customers”, Alexander Vattel, the head of BelNet said.

BelNet thoroughly tested Dr.Web AV-Desk before launching the commercial operation. Testing results were encouraging both for users who liked user-friendly and efficient Dr.Web as well as for administrators who took advantage of the centralized management of anti-virus network, collection of stats and tools for rapid response to virus epidemics.

Administration of BelNet is sure that majority of subscribers will be using the service that provides reliable anti-virus protection at a moderate price.

About BelNet
The network of BelNet started in August 1999 as a non-commercial project as many home networks do. The company itself was set up in 2003. By now over five thousand residents of Belgorod have subscribed to BelNet. The company provides wide range of services including broadband Internet, dedicated lines for corporate customers, VPN connections, web-hosting, registration of domain names and collocation.

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